Delegation in Bergen op Zoom

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The 8-person delegation from Szczecinek was visiting Bergen op Zoom from Thursday to Sunday. The visit was related to the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the two cities partnership that was also celebrated in Poland two weeks earlier.

In Netherlands a formal meeting was held in the historic town hall after which Frank Petter, mayor of Bergen op Zoom and Jerzy Hardie-Douglas, Mayor of Szczecinek, unveiled a memorable writing of this year's celebrations and friendship between cities.

During the visit the delegation from Poland also had the opportunity to participate in the traditional half of anchovy, familiarize with the Dutch standards of care for the elderly and explore the modern day care homes, built of containers. During sightseeing of Bergen op the Dutch presented among others: city theater, rope park or the equivalent of the Szczecinek’s Ecological Education Center and Lake District Revitalization. And indeed water was one of the main topics discussed by the representatives of both cities.

- The Dutch have problems with the cleanliness of their lake. We try to help them solve this issue. Perhaps it will be possible thanks to the use of technology that is already operating in Szczecinek - reports mayor Jerzy Hardie-Douglas. And adds that there has also been discussion on issues related to the labor market and unemployment in Bergen op Zoom. These matters are particularly important for the Dutch because recently one of the cigarette factories has significantly reduced the number of employees. - More than half a thousand people lost employment. However, it may turn out that Kronospan is interested in investing in Bergen. I will talk with representatives of the company on this subject - summed up the mayor.

Also Dixi Band from Szczecinek has visited Netherland, the band took part in the Bergen op Zoom Jazz Festival as well as in the parade that passed through the city's historic streets.