The Dutch visit primary school

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From 6th to 10th of May, there was a Polish-Dutch exchange between the Primary School No. 5 in Szczecinek and the Steenspil school. The meeting was held under the slogan "Are young people from Poland and the Netherlands connected or divided?" and the students visited, among others, City Hall where the deputy mayor Maciej Makselon greeted them.

During the 5-day exchange, the pupils visited our city, participated in integrational games and activities, and took part in school workshops organized for them: physics, history, art and sports classes. Students from the Netherlands and students from Primary School No. 5 also went to Mysia Wyspa. The cycling trip ended with a shared bonfire, sausages and a ball game.

Dutch guests had the opportunity to learn about our school system by participating in school activities. Young people spent a lot of time among Polish colleagues, learning about their lifestyle and cultural customs. At the same time, both students "polished" their knowledge of foreign languages: German and English.

Teachers and students from Primary School No. 5 go with a return visit to the Netherlands on 3th of June.