From Holland to Szczecinek on two wheels

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On Tuesday late in the afternoon, after 18 days of riding and almost two thousand kilometers, Rob Franssen arrived in our city. Rob is a member of the Jumelage association from Bergen op Zoom, Holland, with whom Szczecinek celebrated 25th anniversary of cooperation last year.

- During my trip I visited over 100 cities and traveled through the Netherlands and Germany. Now it's time to return home, which will take me more than a dozen days - said Rob.

Szczecinek was the destination of the Dutchman who spent a few days earlier in Wroclaw and Poznan.

- I ride about 80-90 kilometers per day and pedal less than 10 hours. Am I tired? On the contrary. Driving gives me vital strength and I feel really great - concluded Rob.

Let us remind you that the Jumelage association is the official agenda of the Municipality of Bergen op Zoom responsible, among others, for contacts with Szczecinek. Members of the association are involved in various international projects, including youth exchange and cooperation with schools.