The mayor has appointed his deputies

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Dorota Rusin-Hardenbicker and Maciej Makselon were appointed as deputy mayors of Szczecinek. Daniel Rak signed relevant orders in this matter.
The duties of the new Mrs vice-mayor include: supervision over the Investment Department, Municipal Department, Spatial Planning and the Real Estate Department of the City Hall, as well as ZGM-TBS and PwiK companies. Maciej Makselon will be responsible, among others, for the Department of Development, Civil Affairs and Civil Registry Office, as well as the Municipal Shared Service Center (KCUW), Sports and Recreation Center (OSiR)and the Regional Museum in Szczecinek.
- We want a broad discussion with the residents, as well as adequate supervision over the budget, which already amounts to over 170 million PLN. That's why I decided to appoint two deputies - explained the mayor Daniel Rak.
In turn, the new vice-mayors, thanking for the trust they have been given, underlined the willingness to cooperate and to implement the challenges that awaits them. - Personally, I am honored that I can be the deputy mayor of the city in which I was brought up and educated, and to which I consciously returned after graduation - summed up Maciej Makselon.
What is the current professional experience of the new vice-mayors of Szczecinek?

Dorota Rusin-Hardenbicker graduated from the Higher School of Engineering in Koszalin at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. After graduation she worked in a private design company, and in 2007 she was employed at the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate in Szczecinek. A year later she was appointed to the position of Poviat Construction Supervision Inspector performing this function to the present moment. Mrs Rusin-Hardenbicker is married and has two children. Her hobby is mountain hiking.

Maciej Makselon is a graduate of the Faculty of Commodity Science at the University of Economics in Poznań. After graduation, he worked in private companies. In 2008, he was employed at the City Hall in Szczecinek as the coordinator of the European project Civitas Renaissance, then he dealt with, among others, economic promotion at the Faculty of Development in the City Hall. From 2015 to the present he was the director of the Sports and Recreation Center in Szczecinek. Married, two children. He is a fan of sport, especially running.