Remembrance of Adam Giedrys

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On Friday (13.04) the 100th anniversary of Adam Giedrys birth was celebrated by an occasional conference entitled "Astronomy yesterday and today". In the Conference Center "Zamek" in Szczecinek an amateur astronomer was recalled by his immediate family and former students told about supernova search and observation or the use of small telescopes in science. The meeting was opened by Jerzy Hardie-Douglas, the mayor of Szczecinek.
- Every city wants to have a person who makes it special. Sometimes such people are searched for by force. In Szczecinek we do not have such a problem, because no one has any doubts that Adam Giedrys deserves our memory - said Jerzy Hardie-Douglas. And he added: "We wanted the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of his birthday to be combined with the opening of the astronomical observatory. We have a ready project and a building permit. Unfortunately, it turned out that the project is very expensive and at the moment we are not able to implement it without external financial support. However, we are not giving up, we will apply for EU funding for this purpose later this year.
After the speech of the mayor, it was time for lectures of invited guests.
Let us remind you that the conference was another event celebrating the 100th anniversary of Adam Giedrys' birthday. In March, on a tenement house where an amateur astronomer lived, a commemorative plaque was unveiled. The exhibition commemorating its accomplishment was also organized by the Regional Museum in Szczecinek.