Visiting Noyelles Sous Lens

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Visiting the exhibition of Polish paintings of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the branch of the Louvre museum, participating in the 21-kilometer run, meeting with the City Council and discussions on the latest investments - these are the main points of a visit that  delegation from Szczecinek recently payed in its partner city - Noyelles sous Lens . In France, there were also talks about strengthening cooperation and subsequent jointly implemented projects.

- The youth exchange we renewed two years ago will certainly be continued. In May we hosted children from France, and a return visit is planned for 2020. We also have advanced talks regarding the possible departure of our musicians and dancers, who, under the direction of Katarzyna Balon, could play a concert in Noyelles sous Lens, similar to the one which took place in the Castle courtyard in the summer. However, we still need to clarify the date and other specifics - says Mayor Daniel Rak, who was the head of the Polish delegation.

His deputy, Maciej Makselon, in turn, is happy about the exchange of runners from both cities. - The French have already confirmed their arrival to next year's W. Osiński memorial run. They are also considering participation in the Szczecinek’s Running Weekend. I hope that from year after year a growing number of French Polonia will come to visit us because a large group of them resides in Noyelles sous Lens - adds deputy mayor.

And indeed meetings with the Polish community, including people who speak our native language, were the most moving and encouraging moments during our last visit to Noyelles sous Lens. By the end of the visit polish delegation took a tour of the newly created artificial grass pitch, the revitalized banks of the Souchez canal and had farewell meeting in the mayor's office.